GIFT CARDS and payments

MEMBERS WHO PURCHASED A GIFT CARD OR PAID ON VENMO, we are asking everyone To PRINT out or screen shot the email Verification and bring it with you upon returning to the gym.

We will honor everyone who has sent us Venmo payments during the shut down and use that as their payment unless the member(s) say otherwise.

All payments are due on the first of the month.

If a member joins after the 10th day of the month they will will be prorated and pay the full rate on the 1st of the next month. Your pervious due date does not matter anymore.

Prorated prices:
11th to the end of the month: $75
15th to the end of the month: $70
20th to the end of the month: $60
*members can only purchase the prorated price if the date fall in one these three windows. These are not new options for monthly payments*

2 X Week


3 X Week