My whole life I was always playing a sport all year round. When I got to high school I decided to play my favorite of all, basketball. I played and started 3 years of varsity at North Catholic and went on to play 2 years at Manor College until injury set me back. But, from that injury I found what would soon be my one true passion, to help people better their lives in and out of the gym. I committed my self to the life-style of health and fitness. I soon opened my own gym (2010) No Limit Gym after training at a globo gym for a few years.  My vision is to inspire people to be better than the day before and get closer and closer to the person they know they can be. 


For the past 3 years, I’ve been pushing people outside their comfort zones and challenging them to try things they’ve always avoided. It really is a sense of mutual pride when a member hits that weight they’ve been scared to touch or gets a movement down they’ve been scaling. Thanks to our kickass gym and the trust of our members, I’m so happy to unleash everyone’s inner badass. I’ve been doing Crossfit for 6 years now, and that love isn’t going anywhere.