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My whole life I was always playing a sport all year round. When I got to high school I decided to play my favorite of all, basketball. I played and started 3 years of varsity at North Catholic and went on to play 2 years at Manor College until injury set me back. But, from that injury I found what would soon be my one true passion, to help people better their lives in and out of the gym. I committed my self to the life-style of health and fitness. I soon opened my own gym (2010) No Limit Gym after training at a globo gym for a few years. I provide a training program that helps people of all ages tap into their inner-athlete. I take pride in making sure our athletes it won't happen over night but if we show up, work hard and listen, good things will happen.  My vision is to inspire people to be better than the day before and get closer and closer to the person they know they can be.

Joel E. Contreras-Francisco

I was always the biggest guy on the team and in the room. I am not ashamed to say that I have struggled with my body image and confidence, physically and mentally, for years – (yes guys also go through this too, regardless of the “stigma” behind it.) Somedays, I still currently do. 2017 – I found NLG – immediately after my first workout, everything about health & fitness changed for me. The programming and the nutrition guidance that NLG gives is one huge thing that helps me get better every day. Personally, my nutrition has always been the most difficult, but NLG really does help me stay on track, and with the right approach. However, the people, the other coaches, especially Sean – EVERYONE in this gym - is the reason why I can stand here today, and say that I am the most confident I have ever been in my life. Both physically & mentally. I am far from my “end goal”, and I still fight with my physical & mental confidence and strength, but NLG has helped me to wake up every day, and always chase to be 1% better than the day before. I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with my training and with my fitness level – but that’s the point – I don’t ever want to be satisfied. A few things that I have learned, and will stay with me for life, and I hope that everyone also takes away with them – Don’t be Outworked, Be Better Every Day, Always have that Mamba Mentality, Hard Work Pays Off, and Stack Your Days

Rick Bates
I’ve played competitive baseball and soccer my entire life including years after college. I have trained and competed in Olympic weightlifting for over 6 years.  I’ve been very lucky to have amazing coaches which I have great relationships with to this day. Learning what motivates people varies and It’s rewarding to find those keys through coaching. Sean has built an environment and program that has done amazing things for me so I am excited to continue that for others through coaching at No Limit Gym.


I’ve been pushing people outside their comfort zones and challenging them to try things they’ve always avoided. It really is a sense of mutual pride when a member hits that weight they’ve been scared to touch or gets a movement down they’ve been scaling. Thanks to our hard working gym and the trust of our members, I’m so proud to help unleash the best version of our athletes in and out of the gym.

I've been training, learning, growing for 10 years now and want to help our athletes understand there is no magic pill. Training/health habits are all about consistency, hard-work and holding ourself accountable.

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