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Our gym is opened 7 days a week at varying hours (subject to change for holidays).  Please see our class page for our standard schedule. 

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My whole life I was always playing a sport all year round. When I got to high school I decided to play my favorite of all, basketball. I played and started 3 years of varsity at North Catholic and went on to play 2 years at Manor College until injury set me back. But, from that injury I found what would soon be my one true passion, to help people better their lives.  It didn't take long till I found CrossFit. I was in class one day and my teacher said, Sean, you could be really good at this type of training. So after being a little optimistic about 5-10 minute workouts, I committed my self to the life-style of health and wellness. I soon opened my own gym (2010) No Limit Gym after training at a globo gym for a few years.  My vision is to inspire people to be better than the day before and get closer and closer to the person they know they can be. #DieStrong


For the past 3 years, I’ve been pushing people outside their comfort zones and challenging them to try things they’ve always avoided. It really is a sense of mutual pride when a member hits that weight they’ve been scared to touch or gets a movement down they’ve been scaling. Thanks to our kickass gym and the trust of our members, I’m so happy to unleash everyone’s inner badass. I’ve been doing Crossfit for 6 years now, and that love isn’t going anywhere.


I grew up playing soccer and hockey from around the age of five. I played all through school, club, and select teams. After school I continued playing recreationally and in men's leagues whenever possible. However, my diet and overall fitness wasn't what it used to be and I eventually sustained a complete ACL tear. This was a catalyst for me to start taking care of myself and I found NLG. The competitive atmosphere and people pushing you to be the best you can be was exactly what I had been missing. It's like you are one big team. I love seeing all the members pushing past their boundaries and reach goals they never thought were possible.