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1Month (no contract):

2x/week $90.00 per person (8 sessions/month)

3x/week $100.00 per person (12 sessions/month)

Unlimited $110.00 per person Unlimited/month

Cops/Firemen/Servicewomen & Servicemen/Teachers/Students:

$90.00 unlimited

For kids (18 & under):

1Month (no contract) 2x/week:

$70.00 per person (8 sessions/month)


Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

AM sessions: 5, 6:15, 8, 9:15

PM sessions: 3, 4:15, 5:30, 6:45

INTRO CLASS: 7:45pm Monday's 

Thursday - Friday

AM sessions: 5, 6:15, 8, 9:15

PM sessions: 3, 4:15, 5:30


AM sessions: 8:30, 9:45 


We program 3 full body workouts and 3 mobility/core/conditioning workouts. We program this to help our athletes with their schedules.  

We program in 4-6 week waves to see adaptation. We program in blocks paired up for push, pull and lower body splits. This way the athlete can recover better during the movements, sets and for the next day training.

Our training is for our athletes, benefits, safety and results.  We don't fall victim of what's trendy in the training world on social media.  We program for the athletes we have in our gym ONLY.  We believe in consistency and progressive overloading for results. Everything can be modified for anyone who has a history of an injury, mobility issues, or just needs to get back in shape. This program is for everyone as long as you don't let your ego get the best of you.

We all say, I was in my best shape when I was playing this sport or training for this or that. Why can't we keep that going? Why can't we get back to a similar version of when we felt our best? Let us help you find your inner athlete!

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