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NOTE: Gift Cards will be valid for use up to  60 days after No Limit Gym reopens.

Orders for performance gaiters will NOT be shipped.  You will grab yours' at the gym.

12 week GPP programming

Train like an athlete and look great too❗️

This is for anyone and everyone at all fitness levels who enjoy being athletic, feeling strong, lean and able to sprint, jump, run, lift something heavy or play a sport any given day without worrying about being deconditioned. The training allows the athlete to tap into their younger self or take their training to the next level.

GPP (General Physical Preparation) builds the basic levels of strength, endurance, coordination, proficiency, and durability, allowing an athlete to train at increasingly high levels of volume and intensity.


🔹This is a 4 day training week

🔹video demos & breakdown how to attack your training week to week

🔹Can be done at home or at any gym

🔹dynamic warm-up

🔹3 full body strength days 

🔹plyometrics/sprints w/o equipment 

🔹conditioning day 

🔹core work 

🔹mobility drills

🔹nutrition guidance (additional price)



free weights (dumbbells and/or kettlebells)

Lifting bench

Access to pull-up bar or TRX or rings


Trap bar/Barbell


*all movements can be done with DB/KBS if you don’t have access to a barbell*

GPP 12 week programming

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